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I dont want to have a rant about paypal and CBD oil but I feel i have no choice. Paypal markets itself as a forward thinking company when in fact its still stuck in the dark ages.

As many of have now realised, we have had to remove paypal as a payment method from our website. Dont get me wrong you can still send us payment via paypal as its easy to open up another account but we will face the certaintity of having that account limited.

So why do paypal do this?

Well in simple terms, Paypal class CBD as a narcotic???. However CBD is a legal product that is not prohibited from sale in the UK and is classified as a natural food supplement. This means its in the same class as vitamin C/D in the eyes of UK law. Despite that, PayPal have taken an anti – business stance in that it wont allow sales on their platform as CBD breaks the terms of its terms and conditions, which is the biggest load of B*****S. You have to remeber that Paypal is not a bank. Hovever they can hold your money for up to 180 days?

We are working to get a merchant account set up so we can take direct paypayment from our website. However this is proving quite hard as Visa and Visa Debit will not allow the direct transfer of money to an account if they find the product was CBD. There are ways around this.

So in the meantime we have had to resort to direct bank transfer or taking the a payment manually. I.e We send you an invoice to your paypal account and the customer pays the invoice.


Here is what we think of paypa!!


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