Broad Spectrum CBD Oils

Broad Spectrum CBD Oils

Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate Extract ( THC Free)

This is similar to the FSD Distillate in the fact that at the winterization stage it has undergone distillation. However due to the method of extracting the THC out of the product then you also lose some of the other compounds. It comes as a hard rock-like substance that is a bit sticky. An exceptionally good broad-spectrum distillate with good %’s of other cannabinoids.


1ml/1 gram of Extract contains 960mgs of cannabinoids (0% THC)

Broad Spec COA

Broad-spectrum CBD is a bit of a mix between Full Spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate.

Like Full Spectrum CBD, the other compounds found within the plant are preserved in the extract; however, like CBD Isolate, THC is completely removed. This has enabled us to produce some high-strength oils and we don’t have to worry about how much THC is in a finished product. Because Broad Spectrum CBD contains multiple cannabinoids, it can deliver the enhanced benefits of the “entourage effect,” without the risk of psychoactive effects of THC.

The benefit to you the customer is that the cost of the CBD distillate extract works out cheaper than the raw and golden extracts so we are passing the costs on to you.