CBD Isolate Extract Oils


Click Here For The Hemp Isolate Lab Report ISOLATE COA

CBD Isolate Oil

  • 10% 10ml CBD Oil = 1000mg per bottle = 6.6mgs per drop
  • 20% 10ml CBD Oil = 2000mg per bottle = 13.2mgs per drop
  • 40% 10ml CBD Oil = 4000mg per bottle = 26.4mgs per drop
  • 20% 30ml CBD Oil = 6000mg per bottle =  13.3mgs per drop
  • 33% 30ml CBD Oil = 10000mg per bottle = 22.2mgs per drop
  • 66% 30ml CBD Oil = 20000mg Per bottle = 44.4mgs per drop
  • 60% 50ml CBD Oil = 30000mg per bottle = 40mgs per drop
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Click Here For The Hemp Isolate Lab Report ISOLATE COA

CBD Isolate Extract

CBD Isolate is just pure CBD Extract. Our Extract is pharmaceutical grade which means it has 0% impurities. You can get CBD isolate at 98% which comes with a brown tinge. Again, this starts in its raw form and just goes through the different levels of processes until you get a crystallized product. This is then ground down into a fine powder. It has no flavour or smell as it contains no terpenes or any other molecule. It’s just the pure CBD Isolate


1 Gram of Extract contains 99.9mgs of CBD Extract


1000mg 10% (10ml), 2000mg 20% (10ml), 4000mg 40% (10ml), 6000mg 20% (30ml), 10000mg 33% ( 30ml), 20000mg 66% (30ml), 300000mg 60% (50ml)


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