Full Spectrum CBD Distillate Extract 83%+ ( Free Flow Form )


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Full Spectrum Distillate Extract 2022 COA
Full Spectrum Distillate Extract 2023 COA
Full spectrum Distillate Extract 2024 COA



1ml/1 Gram of CBD Extract contains 830mgs of whole-plant cannabinoids (83% extract).  730 mgs of CBD, 100mgs made up of all the other minor cannabinoids.A very powerful full-spectrum CBD extract with THC content <0.1%

Free Flow Form Formula

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Full Spec Distillate Extract 2022 @ 83% COA

 83%+ Full Spectrum CBD Distillate

  • 83% Cannabinoids (73% CBD)
  • 10% Other cannabinoids including CBN, CBC, CBL, THC, CBT, CBE ( Massive Profile)
  • Semi-Solid form, High viscosity, Natural Terpenes
  • 3rd party lab-tested
  • Free Flow Form Formula

What can it be used for?

This product is ideal for use in the manufacture of

  • CBD oils ( Best Use)
  • CBD edibles
  • Cosmetic products
  •  Vapes ( With the correct equipment)
Full Spectrum Distillate

1G, 5G, 10G, 25G, 50G, 100G, 250G, 500G, 1KG


  1. Anna (verified owner)

    Have been making oil from this distillate for some time now, absolute top quality and delivery is always very quick. For the first time in my life my anxiety is actually under control, I have no more brain fog or difficulty switching work tasks since taking the oil I make and it helps me in lots of other ways. Extremely happy customer

    • Hempoils

      It’s good to hear positive news. This CBD extract is a very strong one with a high % of minor cannabinoids. Many that can not be found in other Full spectrum Extracts.

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