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What Is Golden CBD Oil?

When it comes to CBD oil, golden oil is considered the premium choice.  Golden CBD oils don’t just look nice, they provide a broad range of potential health benefits, that other oils can’t compete with. We use a 13% Extract to make our oils. 1000mg of extract contains 130mg of pure cbd and Trace % CBDA.

Unlike “raw” extractions, golden CBD oils undergo additional processing, that purifies and filters out any plant matter.

Golden CBD oils all originate from hemp and are grown using organic, non-GMO practices. Once harvested, the hemp flowers undergo CO₂ extraction to retrieve the full spectrum of cannabinoids. The result is a pure, Honey like substance, that is refined to flow freely as an oil and maintain a pleasant aroma and taste.


An important process in maximizing the effects of CBD oil, is decarboxylation . This procedure involves heating cannabis plant matter for a period of time. Both our RAW and Golden Oil have undergone the decarboxulation process. None of our CBD oils produce any psychoactive effects and by European law, do not contain more than 0.2% of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

Additional information

Concentration / Extract

20% Extract 2000mg (10ml), 30% Extract 3000mg (10ml), 40% Extract 4000mg (10ml), 13% Extract 4000mg (30ml), 60% Extract 6000mg (10ml), 20% Extract 6000mg (30ml), 26% Extract 8000mg (30ml), 40% Extract 20000mg (50ml), 20% Extract 10000mg (50ml), 20% Extract 20000mg (100ml), 30% Extract 30000mg (100ml)


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