Why The Different Types Of Oils?

There are many reasons for all the different types of oil on the market. Most of the extract that comes into the UK comes from Europe. However more recently a lot has been coming in from the USA.

The different type are due to the different processing methods. All CBD oil starts life as a raw unprocessed oil. This oil is very high in CBDA. To get CBD you need to heat it up and knock the A of the CBDA. The A is an acidic molecule.

Our RAW oils are a partial decarboxylated oil. This means that the raw oil has been heated up to a certain point and then stopped. The reason they do this is to produce an oil that has a mix on CBD and CBDA at the right balance. The Golden oil is the same raw oil from the hemp plant, but it’s been heated up to a high temp and all the acid has been burned off just leaving the CBD. During this heating process you will also do the same to other compounds. THCA becomes THC etc etc.

We sell both types of this oil as we have found that one type of oil does not work for everyone. There are few companies in the uk who sell both the golden oil and the RAW oil.