20% 6000mg / 6G RAW CBD Oil @ 1020mgs CBD 30ml Bottle

High in CBD as well as other minor cannabinoids and very high in natural terpenes and flavonoids. Check out the Lab reports on the website for the quality of the extract that is used to make the oils.

Priced at £39.99
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We source our CBD extracts from the EU and the USA. We buy in bulk directly from the producers. Our Raw and Golden CBD Extracts come from Holland. Our new CBD & CBG Isolates, as well as the distillates, come from the USA. Everything is tested by PharmaLabs in Slovenia.

Our RAW extract is bought by the 1KG and we don’t dilute this down. It’s easy to use at room temperature. The original extract is a very black viscous cannabis Product. We use premium olive oil to dilute that down and make fresh batches of oil. All of our oils are made. fresh and none are left on the shelf for more than a month. This ensures you get the best and most fresh CBD oil all of the time.

You won’t find many other sellers in the UK selling this quality of oil at this high concentration. Due to its high concentration, it has a dark black color and can be quite thick at low temperatures, due to the wax content. Is always best to store at room temperature and keep the oil in a dark cool place that is naturally warm.

The Ration of CBD: CBDA is around 1:1. CBDA is said to be a powerful pain blocker and it’s said to be good for inflammation.

Oils at this strength offer great value for money and we have been selling this oil for 5 years. It’s one of our most popular oils as you won’t find this stuff on the high street. There are not that many of us in the UK who sell this type of CBD Oil and we are one of the cheapest in the UK


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