Broad Spectrum CBD Oil


You are at the right place if you want to Buy Broad-Spectrum CBD oil.

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We sell high-strength 5% oil, 10% oil, 15% oil and 20% oil in 10ml bottles. We also sell even higher concentrations in 10ml bottles like the 40% oil. We also do some larger strengths in 30ml bottles @ 6000mg, 8000mg and 10000mg strengths.

Here is a breakdown of the number of mgs per drop on our Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

5% 10ml  = 500mg per bottle = 3.3mgs per drop

10% 10ml  = 1000mg per bottle = 6.6mgs per drop

15% 10ml  = 1500mg per bottle = 9.9mgs per drop

20% 10ml  = 2000mg per bottle = 13.2mgs per drop

40% 10ml = 4000mg per bottle = 26.4mgs per drop

20% 30ml = 6000mg per bottle = 13.3mgs per drop

26% 30ml = 8000mg per bottle = 17.7mgs per drop

33% 30ml = 10000mg per bottle = 22.2mgs per drop

40% 50ml = 20000mg per bottle = 26.6mgs per drop

So if you are looking to buy broad-spectrum CBD oil at low-cost prices then you need to not go anywhere else. We have been selling our oils since 2016 and have built up good relationships with our suppliers which enables us to buy extracts at very low prices and pass these savings on to you.

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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

This is similar to the FSD Distillate in the fact that at the winterization stage, it has undergone distillation. An excellent wide spectrum of minor cannabinoids with 0% THC make it an ideal choice for those wanting to take CBD oil without worrying about THC in the product.

Like Full Spectrum Distillate, the other cannabinoids found within the plant are preserved in the extract. Because Broad Spectrum Distillate contains multiple plant terpenes and flavonoids, it can deliver the enhanced benefits of the “entourage effect,”. Packed full of high concentrations of minor cannabinoids it’s a very good high-strength and effective CBD Oil


500mg (10ml), 1000mg (10ml), 1500mg (10ml), 2000mg (10ml), 3000mg (10ml), 4000mg (10ml), 6000mg (30ml), 8000mg (30ml), 10000mg (30ml), 20000mg (50ml)


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