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If you have seen the recent media coverage of CBD Oil, or if you know someone who uses it, you might be wondering whether you want to give it a try to improve your general wellbeing. Researchers report encouraging results and it’s generally considered to be very safe to use. Even the WHO have said that its safe to use with little or no known side effects.

When you are ready to choose a CBD product it can be confusing and frustrating trying to gather enough information. It’s often difficult to understand what the products are, what they contain and which ones would be better for you. All of this means that CBD consumers have little reliable sources for information about the products and companies on the market.

Lest start with one of the most popular product formats: CBD oil drops in tincture form.

These products might be marketed as tinctures or oils, depending on the company. What they have in common is that they can all be taken sublingually. In other words, to take these products, you hold the drops under your tongue and let the oil dissolve.

The five main categories to use in choosing the best CBD oil drops.

  1. Customer service
    Purchase and shipping
    Transparency (Lab Reports)

Its always best to ask as much information as possible. CBD oil is to be sold as a food supplement so companies have to be carfull how they market their oils.

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