CBD oil and its various strengths.

CBD Oil and its various strengths.

Today we are going to discuss CBD oil and strength. Over the past few years we have seen the demand for higher strength oils. However, the strength of an oil is not directly proportional to its effectiveness.

When we started selling CBD oil the most available extract on the market was RAW extracts. These are your black solid extracts that are sold in syringes. The method of extraction still involved CO2 and the result was a partially decarboxylated oil. We then started to see higher refined oils hit the market and alongside this Isolate became available. This was expensive 18 months to 2 years ago but now we have seen prices fall for this.

What we have picked up over the years is that its much better to match a condition to a certain oil. The RAW oils contain a greater number of compounds. As well as having CBD and CBDA as the main compounds you will also find greater amounts of CBDV as well as higher concentrations of the other compounds. The higher refined products are pretty much all CBD. They contain very little CBDA as they have been fully decarboxylated. Due to this higher refinement they also contain less of the other compounds. They will have lower levels of CBDV, CBG, et etc.

Then you have your isolate oils which are still sat in a grey area. They are pure CBD tinctures and don’t contain any of the other compounds. The main benefit of an isolate oils is that It won’t contain any THC. If you are required to have drug tests at work, then these are ideal. Now you can get full spectrum oils which have 0% THC because they have had this refined out. However, when to look at the lab report they have very little of the other compound due to the method of refinement.


So, in a nutshell. You may have better results with a lower strength RAW oil but must take more of it to feel the benefits. There are so many different types of oil available and I understand not everyone can read a LAB report to check what compounds are found in the oil you are about to purchase. Just keep an open mind when doing your research as some of these higher strength oils that are coming to the market practically look like an isolate oil and contain very little other compounds

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