How to spot fake CBD Oil

If you have been researching what brands of CBD products would be good for you, it’s important to know there are CBD imposters. We have heard today that a well known UK company have been claiming to contain 10.000mg of CBD in their products but when tested they ony contained 200mg. All products were on sale at premuim prices.

Our aim is to bring CBD to the market at a good affordable price without affecting the quality.

Some brands will claim to sell products with CBD, but in fact these products contain no CBD at all. These products just contain vegetable glycerin and flavorings or just pure pressed Hemp Seed Oil,  but still include the CBD price tag.

We know that CBD products are expensive and we want our customers to always get what they pay for. To ensure our customers get the best products we can provide Test Lab Results where you can view the qualityof CBD contained in our products.

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