What many people fail to realize is that CBD oils come in different degrees of quality and strength. These differences may seem insignificant but they can impact the efficiency of the CBD and how it reacts in your body.

We only sell top Quality oils. We have tried many different products and wholesalers and we are confident that we are working with the best oils on the market.

CBD oils can be classified  into three general categories.

Raw –  After the initial extraction, raw CBD oil will not undergo any further processing. Raw CBD contains a number of impurities. These include particles of plant material, chlorophyll and waxes. As a result of these not being eliminated through a filtration process, raw CBD oil tends to be a dark green or black substance.

Decarboxylated– Although similar to raw CBD oil, decarboxylated CBD oil is that which has undergone a process of heating. This is a chemical process which increases the strength and efficiency  of the CBD in the oil. It basicaly turns the CBDA into CBD. The heating process knocking the Acid molecule off the end on the compound. As a result of this process, the CBD has a greater reaction time once ingested into the body. Although processed further than raw CBD oils, decarboxylated oils do not undergo a filtration process. As with raw CBD oil, decarboxylated CBD oil tends to be black in color.

Filtered – Once the impurities have been filtered out, CBD oil changes from its “raw” dark green to a light golden colour. “Gold” is the name of choice given by CBD oil manufactures when referring to a CBD oil that has undergone both the decarboxylation and filtration processes.

CBD gold oil typically represents products that have the highest and purest concentrations of CBD in the oil.  It is considered to be the best oil on the market and will have the greatest number of medicinal applications. Check out our lab reports on our golden oil.

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