What Makes A Good Full Spectrum CBD OIL

It’s hard to determine what a good full-spectrum oil is because unless you are in the industry it’s hard to know how to read a lab report and you wouldn’t know what you are looking for.

A good full-spectrum oil involves having lots of other cannabinoids as well as the CBD molecule. It must have a nice spread of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBDV etc. All too often we see extracts marketed as full spectrum when in fact after looking at the lab report they are more of a broad spectrum.  They contain very little other cannabinoids. These extracts often come with a cheaper price attached.

Here at hemp oils UK we have never gone down the route of selling cheap extracts. We have always believed that quality sells and after 4 years in the CBD industry it has enabled us to become a serious player in the industry. As well as retail we sell a lot of wholesale to places like Germany, Italy, Spain etc.

However, with the EU stopping the novel food applications for full-spectrum CBD oil and only allowing Isolate applications we do not know how long we will be able to wholesale back to the EU. It is an ever-changing industry and its been like this every year we have been in business. Let’s hope our clean break from the EU will go in our favourer when it comes to CBD oil. As it stands the UK is still classing it as a food supplement. However, this could changer before Christmas.

We may all be stuck selling Broad Spectrum CBD oil or even Isolate Oil, which will not be very good for the industry. Watch this space………………………………………

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