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100% Safe Golden CBD Extracts UK & RAW CBD Paste UK

CBD Paste and CBD Extracts UK

CBD paste/extract is one of the most natural and legal forms of CBD that is used for direct administration. It is available in the form of a syringe and is 100% safe for oral use. Since it is in the form of a paste, it is easy to take and acts faster than tinctures. This is the most concentrated form of CBD oil which means it is to be taken in very small amounts. You can take the CBD Paste in 0.1ml quantities under the tongue. Just leave it there to dissolve. One small rice grain of CBD Extract is equal to 3-4 drops of the oil.

We sell the Golden CBD Extracts in syringe form and we sell the Raw CBD paste in syringe form. The Raw Paste is a solid at room temperature and the Golden paste is a liquid at room tempertature.

You can use the CBD Extracts to make your own balms. Many of our customers buy the CBD paste for this purpose.